Jazzworx has a total of 3 studios and 1 mobile recording rig.
We name all our studios after women – we’re not entirely sure why but its just one of those things.

Studio 1 (Carilina) is our primary recording studio, equipped with enough I/O and mic preamps to take on any form of live recording, be it a band, a choir, string section, or whatever else you may need it for. Take a look at our gear list for more technical info
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Studio 2 (Sophia), could perhaps be described as Carilina’s equally capable yet different sister. Sophia houses Jazzworx’ 5.1 surround sound suite, as well as a front mounted 56″ LCD – making it ideal for post production mixes: film, documentary, adverts etc. Sophia’s vocal booth is ideal for single vocal takes, voice overs or ADR.

Studio 3 (Gloria) is Jazzworx’ baby programming and production studio (and soon to be 5.1 too). A comfortable space ideal for programming music, mixing or mastering.

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Carilina, Sophia and Gloria share the same software, DAWs and plug-ins, so switching between studios is a breeze. Protools, Logic, Cubase, Wavelab and numerous soft synths and all your favourite digital audio tools are available in every studio.
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