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Let's start by getting all your contact information so we can keep in touch with you.

Before we start working on your new hit track, let's just make sure it meets our technical requirements.

1.) Your file is in either .wav or .aiff audio formats --- (no mp3's please)

2.) The sample rate is at the highest rate possible (this is typically the same rate you recorded at)
-- NB! 96KHz or 88,2KHz or 48KHz. We do accept 44,1KHz but we prefer 48KHz as a starting point.

3.) The bit rate is at least 24bit (hopefully you were recording at 24bit or higher. If not you should be)
-- NB! we can master 16bit files although we do not recommend this!

4.) Lastly and most importantly!
Please make sure your mix levels are not too hot. We ideally want levels around -18dB VU or -18dB RMS.
In order to acheive this, make sure you bypass your master buss limiters, compressors and/or other plugins. If your master fader/meter is close to 0dBfs its gonna be too loud.

1.) Please make sure you send us a separate file for each track in the mix. The files can either be .wav's or .aiff's, and should be no smaller than 24 bit, 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz. We do accept 44,1KHz but we prefer 48KHz as a starting point.

2.) Each file should be bounced/exported from bar 1, or whichever bar number your song starts at in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation refers to your audio software package ie. Protools, Cubase, Logic, Fruity Loops etc.)

3.) Please make sure you bypass all plug-ins before exporting the separates. You may choose to keep a certain effect plug-in if it is a characteristic sound in the song and you don't want to lose it, however we prefer to have all files as dry as possible.

4.) Now that you have bounced your files, we highly recommend using an archiving utility to compress the files to a more internet-transfer friendly size. In Mac OS, simply highlight all your exported files, right click and select Compress Items. In Windows, Select your files or folder, Right-click, point to Send to, and then click Compressed (zipped) folder. This will wrap all your files into a single .zip file and reduce the overall file size significantly, especially when dealing with separates.

www.Wiki.org ISRC's Explained
www.RISA.org.za Where you get ISRC's
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